Prolines announced as Naval Architecture Firm of the Year 2017 – UK & Ireland

We asked in December for a few minutes of your time to vote for us in the 2017 Sea Transport awards. We are happy to say that many of you took the time, for which we are deeply grateful, as we are delighted to announce that we won and have been awarded Naval Architecture Firm of the Year 2017 – UK & Ireland.

Many thanks again, your support is truly appreciated.
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Prolines Naval Architecture & Marine Surveyors

Naval Architecture Firm of the Year 2017 – UK & Ireland

A new 24m Concept Vessel

We’ve been busy designing

floating render4edit

Design Intent

The vessel presented here is a 24-Meter MFV concept vessel, designed using state of the art 3D-modeling software and techniques, which affords us and our clients the opportunity to easily visualise the completed vessel long before production begins.

floating render 1 floating render 3 render 2

By employing parametric modelling techniques Prolines have the ability and expertise to precision engineer every single detail of the vessel structure. We analyse its strength, test stability along with speed & power ratios, and can easily amend the design to suit our clients needs, while constantly tracking build materials ensuring that our clients can easily budget for specification/design changes.


structure 1


By parametrically modelling the vessel, Prolines can also provide CNC & nesting files in several formats to the shipyards, helping to reduce build times and cost, this has the added advantage of reducing the risks for both our clients and the shipyards alike.

Vessel Particulars

Length Overall                                                                                     23.95 meters

Length Between Perpendiculars                                                  21.10 meters

Beam Moulded                                                                                    8.00 meters

Depth Moulded (main deck)                                                          3.95 meters

Depth Moulded (shelter deck)                                                      6.38 meters

Click on the link to see our 3d Rotating Model:

frames & plate sketch


structure 2








New Dawn at Dunmore Harbour

Prolines were involved with activity in Dunmore East today that hasn’t been seen in nearly five years, as the first boat was lifted using the syncrolift following the recent completion of €6m dredging works.  The syncrolift, is required to raise vessels to facilitate their repair and maintenance.

The works which involved removing approx 27,000 metres cubed of material located in the harbour basin and in the approach channel to the port, at Dunmore East Fishery Harbour Centre were completed in early 2016.

The volume and value of fish landings into Dunmore East have increased significantly in recent years, and the size of fishing vessels using the harbour have also increased. Before the dredging works, the siltation impeded their ability to operate efficiently, while making the syncrolift unusable.

The dredging works were carried out to make the harbour more accessible to larger vessels but also landing times and vessel management will be much improved.

Prolines were on hand to ensure this important first lift went smoothly



Chocks ready for action 
Rob hard at work


Ready for Lifting
Ready for Lifting

A cold day to be in the water
A cold day to be in the water

and it's up!
and it’s up!

Another successful day at the office for Prolines
Another successful day at the office for Prolines

First condition survey of 2015

It’s that time of year again when we all start to prepare for the season ahead. In recent years, our clients have made big savings by shopping around for boat insurance often saving hundreds of euro in the process. It’s easy to change insurance companies but owners usually have to produce a condition survey. We do 20 to 30 of these every spring and working in the cold in Crosshaven boatyard today I got that feeling, the feeling that spring is on its way and the race course is beckoning.



What do Naval Architects do?

A naval architects first role is boat design, but often we do assessment of existing designs ahead of modification work , or  prove a vessel meets safety legislation. Then there are the unusual jobs…

Below is a photo of a Viking Long Boat that we did a safety assessment on so that it could bring Santa to Waterford City one Christmas. There is never a dull moment in this profession.